Justice League #25 Review


Owlman takes the spotlight.

Forever Evil has been a wonderful event, and Justice League has been the stable tie-in for it.  While tie-ins are usually not necessary for comic events, reading Justice League will definitely enhance the story, and better understanding the situations.

I love how every issue of Justice League so far focused on a member of Crime Syndicate.  Last issue we have Ultraman, and this one we focused on Owlman.  Geoff Johns does a wonderful job with the New 52’s Owlman.  He combines different elements of Owlman from previously incarnations, as well as the recently new Owlman from our main Earth.  However, the issue doesn’t just focus on flashback, it also focus on Owlman’s relationship with our Dick Grayson.  For the longest time, it’s a mystery what Owlman wants with Dick Grayson, and everything is clear now.  Owlman is not like the other members of Crime Syndicate and it’s not about evil for him.  No, it’s about control and order for him, and he wants Grayson to help him achieve that.

Now it’s unknown why Grayson agrees to help Owlman, and it’s an interesting thing for us to find out.  The ending with Superwoman eavesdropping is unsettling.  It’s unknown what her move will be next, but hopefully it means that she’s going to be the focused next issue.

By the way, you guys noticed that Plastic Man makes an origin appearance in the issue?  He’s the crook named Eel that has a thing for rubber bands, and melt into a rubbery mess:


This is probably the first proper introduction of Plastic Man into the New 52.  However, the problem is, we already have Plastice Man in the first issue of Justice League International.  What’s up with that, DC?

Hopefully this is something 5 Years Later will fix.



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