Justice League 3000 #1 Review


Justice League of 31st century.

Justice League 3000 is a weird book.  When I first heard about the title, I have no idea what to expect.  First I thought these heroes are someone who took up the mantels from the classic superheroes, but it turns out they are clones (?) of our classic heroes.  However, due to some problems during the cloning process, these heroes are not exactly like their originals.  What the heck?

Superman is an asshole, Flash has darker personality, Green Lantern seems more taken back than before, and Wonder Woman is more bloodthirsty than before.  The only character that reminds the same seems to be Batman, but he lacks the motivation of his parents’ death this time.  I really have no idea what’s the point of bringing these heroes back in the 31st century is, but I’m intrigued.  The whole concept is weird and all, but you can’t help it and feel that there’re going to be hints of what’s going to happen with our modern heroes.  And that’s how the series gets you hooked with story you just don’t care about.  Horrible setting and minorly interesting characters, Justice League 3000 is off a bad start.

The art wasn’t good at either.  The character looks inconsistent, and Wonder Woman is oh-my-god so ugly.  The only good thing comes out the first issue is the return of Wonder  Twins.  It’s good that DC finds a way to add them into the New 52 continuity, and I’m looking to see the more of them.  Please give them their Wonder Twin Powers too.

Overall, the series wasn’t too good.  The setting is confusing, and the only things kind of interesting are the characters.  I might give it one more issue to try out, just so I can see where these “clone” Justice League heroes are going next.



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