Justice League of America #10 Review


Stargirl’s time to shine.

Justice League of America is the only series that gives us a clear look what happened to the captured Justice League members.  However, it doesn’t mean the tie-ins are good, unlike the Justice League series.  The story is slow, and it hardly feels like it has anything to do with the actual Forever Evil event.  However, it does give us more time to know Stargirl better.

Justice League of America really is a short lived team though, and Stargirl is one character who don’t really have a chance to understand better before everything goes down.  The issue finds a pretty clever way for the writer to explore Stargirl’s past, and allows us to understand where this character is from.  However, having Martian Manhunter and Stargirl’s minds combine together can be quite annoying from time to time.  Especially when we’re exploring Stargirl’s past, and Manhunter has to pop out from time to time to interrupt it.  Regardless, it’s still great to see Stargirl shine, and she’s becoming an important character.

Despite the strong character moment, the issue suffers pacing problems and narration.  The decision to showcast Stargirl’s past is great, but the decision to have Martian Manhunter interrupting it can be kind of annoying.  Overall, while the issue has many problems, the Stargirl’s character moments are still great.



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