One Piece Chapter 731 Review


Dressrosa Operation SOP.

What a chapter!  Just when you thought last week was good, this week’s even better.  One Piece has been kind of miss and hit for me for the past couple of weeks, and I’m glad that things are starting to look up.  Keep up the good work, Oda.

Let’s not beat around the bushes and go straight to the point- the mysterious figure is Sabo.  The chapter tries its best to be ambiguous with the identity, but all evidences point to Sabo.  I especially love the small glimpses of Ace and Whitbeard’s grave, and three sake cups before it.  There’s no one Luffy can trust more than Sabo to have Ace’s fruit, and I’m looking forward to see what he looks like now.

And this face–


This is like what, the third time with this face?

Other than Sabo, we also met another Revolutionary Army member- Koala.  For those who forgot who Koala is, she’s the little girl that was rescued by Tiger Fisher, and sailed with the Sun Pirates over 12 years ago.  I already knew we’re going to see the more of her, and I’m glad I’m right.  She’s a Substitute Fishman Karate Instructor too, and it makes sense.  The girl has gratitude over Fishman, and it only makes sense she’s doing something related to them.  She’s going to be the first human in the series that can use Fishman Karate, and I can’t wait to see that in action.

It’s also revealed (confirmed) that the little girl in Donquixote Pirates is the one who has the ability to turn people into toys.  I already guessed she might be the one, and we learned that her name is Sugar, and her power is Hobi Hobi no Mi.  Other than the ability to turn people into toys, it also prevents the user from ageing.  No wonder she looks the same in present day and flashback.

The game board is set, and the pieces are there.  Even though more pieces are added later on, they only make things more interesting.  Good job, One Piece.



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