The Walking Dead #118 Review


All out War part 4 of 12.

All out War has been pretty great so far.  However, it doesn’t really justify the need of 12 issues for an event.  It a curious piece really, and this issue answers the question for us: no.  The event doesn’t really need 12 parts to complete, and this issue seems like a filler without much plot advance.  However, while nothing much happened on the war side, it is a good issue focusing on characters.

It’s interesting to see Maggie’s decision to stick on Rick’s side.  She has been on bad terms with the guy since Glenn’s death back in issue 100, and it’s good to see she finally comes to term with it.  She has just became an important piece for our heroes to win the war, and it’s good to see her back.

Now Ezekiel narrating the entire issue is an interesting approach.  I want to say this is the first time we have something like this?  The thing is, Ezekiel has been treated like a god character since his initial introduction, and he nothing like that.  People expect him to act a certain way, and he has to put on an image for that.  It’s a great character piece, and it manages to make Ezekiel more “human.”  Too bad Shiva died though.

Again, even though this is a great character issue, the story itself is not so great.  The plot didn’t move progress at all, and it feels like we took a break from the overall war.  Maybe if the event is shorten, Kirkman would feel the need to rush to story a bit.

Oh, and the Maggie spread-page is kind of ugly and unnecessary.  I apologized for saying that.



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