10 Things I Noticed From DC March 2014 Solicitations

Things I noticed form March 2014 solicitations.

1. Forever Evil Comes to an End:


After a couple of months, Forever Evil finally comes to an end in March.  The finale is going to be shocking for sure, and it means that April will be the month where the rest of DC Universe catch-up to the event.  The end of the event also means the end of Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S., Forever Evil: Arkham War and Forever Evil: Roues’ Rebellion.  DC desperately needs more titles in April.

2. Metal Men Take Forms of Justice League: 


You see the cover above?  Don’t know what the deal is, but I’m intrigued.

3. Amanda Waller One Shot:


Last month we got Lois Lane and Joker’s Daughter one-shot, and this month we’re getting Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller.  It’s a great decision cause Waller has been an important character since the debut of New 52.  The solicitations is not clear what the one-shot is about, but I can’t wait to find out.

4. Robot Chicken Variants:


DC done a Robot Chicken variant for Aquaman #12 before, and the response is great.  For March, DC decides to release 21 Robot Chicken variants, and it includes Forever Evil, Action Comics and many more.

DC hasn’t release the art yet, but I’m looking forward to them.

5. All the cancelled Titles: 


DC is cancelling Animal Man, Talon and Batman: The Dark Knight in March.  It’s sad to see Animal Man and Talon go, but I’m really surprised DC is willing to cancel a Batman title.  But since there’re so many Batman titles anyway, DC can stand to loose some anyway.  Batman: The Dark Knight is the weakest link among Batman titles though.

6. Batman: Li’l Gotham Eneded?


Okay, out of all the cancelled titles, I’m really surprised that DC decides to cancel Batman: Li’l Gotham.  It’s such a great series, and it shines a light over the always gloomy Batman universe.  Hopefully it means Dustin Nguyen will have more time for other projects, cause I really enjoy his artworks.

7.  Black Canary And Zatanna: Bloodspell:


The book won’t be out until May, but the advance solicitation has me really excited!  It’s been a while since the book first announced, and it’s great to see it finally coming out.  Hopefully the story will take place in New 52 though, even though I doubt it.

8. Batman and Aquaman?


Enough said.

9. Wonder Woman Accepting Her Role:


Form the cover above, it seems like Wonder Woman finally accepts her role as the God of War.  Since the beginning of New 52, it feels like the series stands its own from the rest of the DC Universe, until recently with Superman/Wonder Woman.  Hopefully Wonder Woman’s acceptance as the God of War will somehow affect the rest of DC Universe too.

10. DC Needs More Titles:


Not just because DC is cancelling so many titles this month, but also because DC needs to stop releasing Batman, Superman and other familiar heroes books.  DC needs to be more willing to take risk, and release not so popular books such as Doom Patrol, Red Robin or even Shazam.  Doom Patrol just recently made a cameo in Justice League #24, and maybe this is the chance to further explore them.


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