Harley Quinn #1 Review


Harley starts a brand-new adventure in a new on-going series.

Harley Quinn is surprisingly a wonderful choice for an on-going series.  The character is strong, funny and full of actions.  The first issue might not be as strong as the zero issue, but it is still a wonderful start for our antihero.

The issue begins with Harley becoming the landlord of an apartment building out on Coney Island.  The apartment houses many circus freaks, and it’s the perfect place for Harley to call home.  The tenants are interesting, and great supporting chase for Harley Quinn as well.  It’s interesting to see Harley trying to make a living for herself being the landlord of the apartment building, and her struggles to find a job.  Daytime psychologist, and nighttime roller derby is perfect persona for Harley Quinn.

There are also some great moments to make Harley Quinn a great character.  Her sympathy for wounded animals, and her kind spirit for those around her.  My only problem with the supporting cast is the talking beaver.  So it’s he actually talking, or Harley voicing over him?

The art is perfect, and Hardin makes Harley more sexy than ever.  Overall, the series is strong, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.



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