One Piece Chapter 732 Review


The Underground World.

This chapter focuses on the rebellion’s side.  We see Robin, Usopp, Thunder Solider and other Little People manage to infiltrate a trade port at the underground port.  Meanwhile, being too big to fit the tunnel, Franky tries to enter the toy house.  Compare to the event last week, this week can be kind of weak.  However, this is still a good chapter that gives us plenty of information.

It’s revealed that Franky can  now use his Coup de Vent with one hand now, and Senor Pink has some sort of power that allows him to swim through the ground.  However, none of these is as great as the revelation of Donquixote Pirates’ hierarchy.  Three elite officers commanding over 3 officers.  Vergo and Monet are officers too located outside the country.  Now that we understand how things works in Donquixote Pirates, I’m looking forward to see how these characters play out.

By the way, I really don’t like Senor Pink and the way he  acts.  I hope Franky can kick his ass soon.

And yep, I’m sad too that Sabo doesn’t make an appearance in the chapter.  I really can’t wait to see what he looks like.



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