The Superior Spider-Man #24 Review


Darkness continues.

I think I speak for everyone here that it’s obvious Doc Ock Spider-Man would give into the power of venom. He has been craving greater power since the first issue, so there’s no surprise he decides to keep the venom for his own. One thing though, now it’s not clear if Doc Ock speaks the way because of the venom, or his own arrogance.

A lot of things happened in this issue. We learned that Flash might be dead within hours if he’s too far from the venom, and Doc Ock might be losing control over the venom. He approaches Aunt May and actually has the audacity to yell at her. Honestly, If Peter ever manganese to return to his body, his personal relationships would be so messed up anyway.  A point of no return at this point.

The art this issue is way better than the previous one too. Last issue Humberto Ramos’ art suffers here and there, but this issue has more consistence. The issue ends with Mary Jane calling The Avengers in for help. This will be the second time Otto Spider-Man acts suspiciously, and Avengers has to get involved.  Howe many more of these have to happen until someone finds out the truth? Hopefully not too many, otherwise it’s not believable anymore.

By the way, the Goblin stories have to wait, because they’re getting too distracting



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