Forever Evil #4 Review


Sinestro Crops Batman returns!

Okay first off, I know this is not the regular cover for this issue.  But I just really, really like the Sinestro Crops Batman and I personally think this is a better cover, even though it can be quite misleading.

The issue begins with Batman and Catwoman in the Batcave.  Their relationship has always been an interesting one, and I don’t like how the New 52 has been portraying it.  Catwoman is one of the few people that Batman trusts, so I’m disappointed to see that’s not the case anymore in the reboot.  The interaction here kind of brings back that dynamics I’ve known, and it brings a new layer to their relationship.  The only problem here is that Geoff Johns seems to miss the opportunity to further explore their relationship, but it’s understandable since it’s Forever Evil, and not another Batman book.

Also, it’s cool that we finally see what Batman’s safety plans for each Justice League members are.  Some are kind of anti-climatic, but it’s cool to see Batman officially uses the Yellow Ring for the first time.  Even if only for a very short time.


The Injustice League has become more define this issue, and I’m really liking the members.  Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Bizarro and Luthor.  While it’s funny that Black Adam became the comic relief of the group (due to his broken jaw), it’s Bizarro that steals the spotlight.  He’s no longer the silly backward Superman that we’ve known, but a great character with personalities.  It’s especially great to see him developing a bond with Lex Luthor.  I just hope Luthor doesn’t end up hurting Bizarro instead.

Mentioning Luthor, I didn’t know that he is capable of so much emotion at all.  I’m not sure if I like this version of him better, but at least it manages to make him more humane.

We also get to see some interactions between the Crime Syndicate members as well.  The rivalry between Owlman and Ultraman makes an interesting stand as who Superwoman alliances with.  Also, Power Ring’s cowardliness is quickly making him my favorite Syndicate member.  One thing though, it’s said that Johnny Quick and Atomica are dealing with the Doom Patrol.  Hopefully we get to see that too.

The final page has one unexpected character making an appearance.  It’s not a secret who he is, as we’re going to see him on the cover of Justice League #26, even though that cover is super misleading as well.



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