Justice League #26 Review


The cover has nothing to do with the issue.

For those who read Forever Evil #4 first, this issue should be an exciting one just by looking at the cover.  The return of Sinestro is long-awaited, and it’s even better when he’s about to face-off Power Ring.  However, this issue has nothing to do with the confrontation, and instead we got more origin stories from other Crime Syndicate members.

Unlike the previous issues, this one has the origin stories of all the remaining Crime Syndicate members.  Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Atomica and Deathstorm.  There aren’t enough pages to fit all the stories in one single issue, so you can imagine some characters receiving more attention than others.  Power Ring’s story really stands out in the issue with some twisted turn, and the ring is more disgusting than ever.  A deformed Abin Sur is really alarming, too.  There’s no surprise here as both Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis work together on Green Lantern before, so you can see their love for the character here.  Overall, Power Ring is really becoming the most interesting member of Crime Syndicate, and I’m looting for his cowardliness.

Johnny Quick and Atomica share an origin story together.  The story is pretty typical and nothing special, but it does manage to offer us a chance to see how these two were before getting their powers.  Well, I guess it is kind of cool to see Captain Cold and Heat Wave as police officers.

Deathstorm receives the least love out of all the members.  He only has one page of story, and it’s not even that interesting.  At the end, Superwoman is the only one who didn’t receive an origin story, as her data is deleted already.  Also, someone approaches the hooded prisoner this issue and whispers to him “soon.”  Just who exactly is this hooded prisoner, and who whispered to his ear?  My guess is that Superwoman is the one that whispered, and the hooded man is Earth 3’s Steve Trevor.  Grid said the man appears to be a “normal man,” and the only regular dude close to Wonder Woman I can think of is Steve Trevor.  However, this is only my guess based on the person who whispered is Superwoman.

Overall, the issue can be a little weak compare to the previous ones, but it’s still a great one regardless.  I really can’t wait to read Forever Evil as a whole, and go back to see if I missed anything from before.



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