One Piece Chapter 733 Review


What Soldier-san Wants.

This chapter once again brings us back to the Colosseum, and we see how the Block D contestants are holding up.  Honestly, after all the stories at other places, I don’t really care too much about the Colosseum story anymore.  The chapter ends with everyone defeated, and an unknown person about to stand up.  It’s everyone’s guess who this person might be, but I’m pretty sure it’s Rebecca.  Why?  Because I like her.

I guess we’re not going to see Sabo in action until the final round of the Colosseum game.  Sad day…

The rebel-side of the story is kind of slow this week too.  Personally, I think the biggest revelation from that side is the fact that the Little People posses monster-like strength.  That’s it.

The chapter is once again preparation works for things to come next.  The main reason I’m so disappointed  is because we’re not going to see a new chapter of One Piece for two weeks due to the holidays, and I’m hoping something shocking before the break.  Well, at least the cliff hanger is interesting enough for people wanting for more when the series returns.  Other than that, this doesn’t feel like a good chapter before the break.



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