The Walking Dead “All That Remains” Review


Clementine’s journey continues.

We’ve been waiting to find out what becomes of Clementine and the other two after the events of Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 1.  The new season answers the questions right away, and makes it clear that Clementine is no longer the little girl we known, and all innocents are lost.

The episode opens with Clementine, Christa, and Omid few months after the previous season finale.  After another tragic event, the story moves again few months later with clementine joining a new group of survivors.  The story is great here, and Telltale once again manages to capture us with exciting narrations, and thrilling moments.  The interactions here are similar to the previous game, and you can either have Clementine be as sincere as possible, or straight up a bitch.  The decisions are yours, and the outcome will be slightly altered.

However, the new characters can be kind of boring.  All of them are questioning why Clementine is there, and it becomes impossible to understand what kind of character they’re.  Pete and Luke are both nice, father-figure type character, but we already have similar relationship last season between Clementine and Lee.  The only characters that stand out are the pregnant Rebecca, and sheltered Sarah.  By the way, it will give you a sense of sanctification to threaten Rebecca who the baby’s father really is, if you decide to play Clementine that way.


Tech wise, the game is a smooth transition between the first and second season.  You won’t feel the interruption, and the story simply continues.  However, it doesn’t really feel like the decision you made from the previous games matter, but in small proportions.  A small comment here and there will refer to what happened in the first game, but it doesn’t really shape Clementine as a person.  Furthermore, there aren’t really any reference from the 400 Days DLC either.  Maybe they will come up in later episodes, but it doesn’t feel the decisions matter yet.

I’m guessing the survivors from 400 Days are the bad guys mentioned in the episode.

One more problem I have with the new game is the lack of clarity where the story is going.  I mean, it’s not like it’s ever clear where any Walking Dead media is going other than to survive, but it would really help if we have some sort of idea.  Like last season, the overall story is Clementine’s journey to find her parents.  I guess after a season of knowing the characters, the overall story simply becomes “hoping the character survives.”

Overall the episode is great that stays truth as how Telltale’s Walking Dead should be- great character moments, great narrations, and great interactions.  The episode ends abruptly, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.



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