Detective Comics #27 Review


The mega-sized anniversary edition.

Batman first appear in the original Detective Comics #27 back in 1939.  To celebrate the new Detective Comics #27, DC decides to release an over-sized issue for the event.  It reminds us the #900 they released back in April last year, and that was a disaster.  However, Detective Comics #27 is nothing like that, and it’s actually an issue that deserved the over-price tag.

The issue is made up of stories from different creative teams, and while not most of them are hits, there are hardly any misses.  The first story is an update of a classic Batman tale, and it’s great to see the story from a different point of view.  The original story takes from a different angle where it turns out that Batman/Bruce Wayne are one and the same.  Since there’re no mystery anymore that Batman is Bruce Wayne, the story focuses on Bruce’s reasons to be Batman.  The ending is fun too where we get to see certain villain making a cameo.

Other stories that steal the spotlight include one with a world similar to “The Dark Knight Returns” one where we see an old Bruce sneaking out at night to fight criminals.  It’s a cute little story, and it brings hope to the future of Batman.  Another one that stands out has Phantom Stranger showing Bruce a world where his parents lived.  However, the most interesting one here has to be “Twenty-Seven” written by Scott Snyder.  The story has Batman keeps on making clones of himself even 200 years later, and the fight with the city will always continue.  It’s a wonderful piece where we learn that Batman’s legend will never end, and there will always be a Batman around no matter what.  The story is a memorable one, and it has us wanting for more.  Now that we know The New 52: Futures End is a reality, it’s a possibility we’re going to see this story sooner than later.

The anticipated Gothopia story begins in this issue as well.  The story is really interesting already, and it has us wondering how different this world is compares to our regular ones.  The story can be a little distracting next to all the other Batman stories, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying a promising story arc.

Overall, Detective Comics #27 is a wonderful anniversary issue unlike #900 from last year.  It gives us new takes on our classic hero, and it’s definitely a book worth buying.



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