Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones” Review


The Turtles are back!  With a new Casey Jones.  

It’s been a while since the previous TMNT episode, and it’s great to have the show back!  Especially the first episode back gives us the Casey Jones we’ve been waiting for.  So put on your hockey mask and pick up your sticks, cause there’s a new vigilante in town, and he’s kicking all kinds of asses.

Once again, this episode focuses on Raph and his anger issues.  It begins with Raph having issues with Leo, and he then turns his anger on the street where Casey Jones is.  The fight between the two is great, and it sets up the familiar friend/rivalry relationship the two shared in previous TMNT incarnations.  Funny though, it takes Casey Jones for Raph to see that maybe he really has been too angry this whole time, and he comes down to apologize to Leo.  Way to go taking the first step, Raph.

I think I mentioned how I don’t really like this version of Casey Jones before, but I’m ready to take my words back.  I always like Casey Jones in his badassery, but his first few appearances in this series are origins, and nothing like his previous self.  Even as he becomes more and more badass as the show progress, he is still not the same.  Until this episode.  This version of Casey Jones has easily become the greatest so far with all the weapons and gadgets he came prepared with.  You go Casey!

Other than a full introduction of vigilante Casey Jones, we  also get a glimpse of Irma, an original character from the 1987 TMNT cartoon series.  She was April’s dorky friend, and it’s great to see her making a comeback.  I’m looking forward to see how the writers will develop the character.  Also, I’m really liking her new look.

The highlight of the episode comes during the third act when the Foot-Bots invade the sewer.  The Turtles done some great actions here, and it’s great we get to see Master Splinter in actions again.  What makes the act great though, is Raph and Casey’s teamwork to take down the Foot-Bot.  We got some great action sequences here, and it’s no doubt the beginning of some great relationships between the Turtles and Casey Jones.

Overall, this is a great episode where we fully introduce Casey Jones into the turtles family.  A great addition to the team, and many great interactions to look forward to.



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