Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1 Review


Now this is the story Joker’s Daughter deserved.

We were first introduced to Joker’s Daughter back in September’s Villain Month.  That story was written by Ann Nocenti, and it was beyond horrible.  You can read my review here.

So it’s obvious why DC decides to give the character another chance with this one-shot.  The character has so much potential, and it’s only fair if she receives another chance.  Well, it’s a good thing that DC makes this decision, because this issue is surprisingly really good.

Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Meghan Hetrick does a great job re-introduce us to the psychotic Duela.  The story allows us to dig deeper into her past, and understand her search for the man she desired.  Her journey to seek The Joker is a really uncomfortable one, and it reaches its highlight when she finally finds The Dollmaker.  The process to permanently sew Joker’s face to her face, and injecting his blood into her body are both uncomfortable and cringe worthy.  And all her hard works are finally rewarded, as The Joker seemingly contacted her.  “Hello Beautiful” he says.  Does that mean that Joker’s  Daughter might even be a better sidekick than Harley by this point?  This is something only later stories can tell us.

Overall, this is a great one-shot that redeemed the character.  Joker’s Daughter might not be a new concept to DC Comics, but it’s definitely something we need to explore on more.

Welcome to Batman Rouges Gallery, Joker’s Daughter.  You deserved it.



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