Forever Evil #5 Review


Things take a turn for the better.

Oh god, this is such a great issue!  We have actions, story progression and finally, interactions.  Lex Luthor’s injustice league is finally coming together, and it’s great to see the characters interact with each others.

Power Ring vs. Sinestro this issue, and the result is no surprise- Power Ring bites the dust.  It’s great to see a member of Crime Syndicated finally defeated, but I’m more interested with where the ring is going now.  It says it’s going to find a new owner… I wonder who it can be?

So all the members of injustice league are finally here.  With the addition of Deathstroke, Sinestro and even Batman, I can’t wait to see what kind of interactions are going to happen next.  It’s especially funny when Sinestro acknowledges Batman’s potential to be a great Yellow Lantern.  And it’s also great when Catwoman has to warn Batman that he’s not in charge anymore, but the villains are.  I actually want to see this group stays on, and forgot about the Justice League or the Crime Syndicate.

Mentioning the Crime Syndicate, they said that the creature that destroyed their world has followed them to this world.  So what creature are they talking about?  I can’t imagine Darkseid coming back already, so who can this creature be?  Anti-Monitor?

Overall, this is once again a great issue that takes the event forward.  I really enjoy the event, and can’t wait to see how this is going to shake up the DC Universe.



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  1. Wow, Anti-monitor? Good prediction. That might turn out to be true, unless whatever plagued Earth 3 is a new creation.



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