One Piece Chapter 737 Review


Executive Tower.

I can’t help it but feel like One Piece is once again in its low point.  The story hardly progresses from week to week, and nothing great or shocking been happening.  This week is pretty much the same.  Even though some new information are revealed, but none of them are considering great, or even shocking.

I think we pretty much learn all the abilities of Doflamingo families by now.  Pica ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi, Stone Stone Fruit that allows him to be part with stone around him.  This pretty much allows him to be part with an entire building.  And Trebol has Beta Beta no Mi, the ability to turn himself into sticky substance.  While it’s great and all that Oda gives us all the information, but I can’t help it but feel that all these powers are too generic.  I still remember back in the days when the powers are more memorable, and even meaningful.  Really feel like One Piece is going downhill more than ever now.

The fight at the Colosseum is the highlight of the chapter, and it’s not that good either.  The fight between Sabo (supposed) and Jesus Burgess only revealed that they both now Busoshoku Haki.  Big Deal.  These days people who knows Haki is just like characters from Hunter X Hunter knowing Nen, or characters from Dragon Ball knowing Chi.  We need something more for this scene to be good.  Maybe finally revealed what Sabo looks like now?

The ending does get me excited though, I’m not going to lie.  Leo reveals his strategy is to have Sugar eats the spicy grape, thus turning all toys back to human.  It sounds like a plan that can go wrong all over the place, but I’m sure Usopp can somehow save the day with his superb sniper skill.

And next week is out once again.  What the heck, Oda!



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