Happy Green Lantern Day! Our Top 10 Green Lantern Comics


Happy Green Lantern Day!

Today is 2-08-2014, also known as Green Lantern Day.  Why?  Because Earth’s Space Sector is 2814 that’s why.

Anyway, to celebrate the event, we here at The Good Kind of Geek is going to list our 10 favorite Green Lantern comics ever!

Check it out:

10. Rebirth


Rebirth returns Hal Jordan from many years of death, and it goes deeper into the history of the character.  It’s also a great story between Oa and Parallax.  It’s definitely a story you don’t want to miss out.

9. Rise of the Third Army:


The recent story event might not be the best, but it introduced to a new Green Lantern- Simon Baz.  The character might not contribute much to the overall Green Lantern mythos, but he’s still a great addition regardless.

8. Will World:


The story is definitely a trippy one, but with great art it’s instantly a Green Lantern classic.  The story has Hal Jordan exploring his own thoughts, and it gets to heart of the Green Lantern mythos.

7. DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore:


The collection includes the classic tale “Mogo Doesn’t Socialize” and “Tygers.”  They’re both wonderful stories that further expand the mythos of Green Lantern.  Plus, many none-Green Lantern stories are in this collection too, so it’s a must for all DC fans.

6. Emerald Twilight:


One of the most important story in the Green Lantern history, where Hal Jordan succumbs to Parallax and becomes an villain.  An important event in Green Lantern history, and it introuced us to Green Lantern Kyle Ryner.

5. Green Lantern/Green Arrow Collection:


The classic tales between two Green characters are fun and great.  Most importantly, it deals with subjects no one dare to talk about back in the day such as Green Arrow’s drug addicted sidekick, Speedy.  Great classic collection for fans who want to see some great Green Lantern stories.

4. Secret Origin:


The retell of Green Lantern’s origin for the new generation of readers.  This story also reestablish the importance of Blackest Night, and adds the important of Carol Ferries early into the Green Lantern mythos.  The story of Secret Origin is still pretty much completely intact after the reboot of DC Universe.

3. Blackest Night:


Even though Blackest Night is an universe-wide event, it’s based on the Green Lantern mythos Geoff Johns has built for years.  The coolest thing about this story is that we get to see almost every dead DC character coming back as Black Lanterns again.

2. The Sinestro Corps War:


A great event that’s purely Green Lanterns only.  The event is huge, and it’s full of great moment that’s worthy of a Green Lantern movie all by itself.  This is the true event that sets tone of what kind of person Hal Jordan really is, and transforms him from a C-list superhero to who we love today.

Seriously, make Sinestro Corps War movie a thing already.

1. DC: The New Frontier:


The story is essentially the origin of Silver Age Superheroes, but we all know it’s Hal Jordan that steals the spotlight.  Exciting stories with great arts, The New Frontier really is one of the best DC story ever.  Go check it out, and you won’t regret it.


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