Batman #28 Review


Future seems so promising.  

Batman takes a break this month from the exciting Zero Year story, and teases us with what’s going to happen in about a year in the Batman universe.  It’s a bold move, as the readers are going to be really confused with what’s going on, and there might not be a ground to hold the story.  It turns out, while most of my fears are true, the issue is still a great one and has us looking forward to this interesting future.

The issue introduces us to a new Harper Row.  She is Batman’s current sidekick now, and she has a new identity and dubs herself Bluebird.  Also, instead of Alfred, Batman has some female character contacting him in the Batcave.  At the same time, Catwoman is no longer her former self, and she became some sort of criminal lord called the Kingpin.  Most importantly, the ending of the issue marks the return of Stephanie Brown- a character we’ve been looking forward since the debut of New 52.

Story wise, this issue isn’t very good.  By putting us in a middle of the story, we have no idea what’s going on, and we don’t care about them as well.  Like I said before, the story doesn’t have many ground to hold.  However, Scott Snyder does a great job with the teasing.  Now I want to know how Harper Row comes to be Bluebird, who the woman in the Batcave is, how Catwomam becomes Kingpin and what kind of role will Stephanie Brown plays.  So in that sense, I think this future tease issue is wonderfully done.

Overall, this is a decent issue that teases what’s to come of Batman universe.  And I’m looking forward to Batman: Eternal more than ever now.



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