The Superior Spider-Man #27 .Now Review


The war between Superior Spider-Man and Green Goblin begins.

The news that Superior Spider-Man is ending soon, and Peter Parker will return as Amazing Spider-Man in April was released a few months ago.  It might spoiled the story a big, but even without it, you can still feel the story is coming to an end.  Superior “Otto” Spider-Man is no longer welcomed.

Things are set into motion in this issue.  Doc Ock finally figures out that his Spider Bots are hacked, and at the same time, Green Goblin also figures out that this new Spider-Man is actually Doc Ock all alone.  The confrontation is a bone chilling one, and it actually has me nervous for Doc Ock Spider-Man for once.  All cards are on the table now, only thing now is the final showdown.

At the same time, Mayor Jamenson is not happy with Spider-Man either.  He has a lot of things planned for it and it’s only a matter of time before everything comes to an end.

Meanwhile, Peter is still trying to regain his boy back.  There are only 31 memories left, and Peter is doing everything he can to keep those.  Also, Peter just figured out how to access Do Ock’s own memory as well, so things are going to get really, really interesting now.

Seeing how the final chapter of Superior Spider-Man starts, I’m worry at Peter Parker more than ever now.  Things are not doing well for Doc Ock, and I can only imagine how bad things well be when Peter Parker finally regain his body.  Also, I highly doubt this Green Goblin is Norman Osborn.  I guess we will have to wait and find out.



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