The Walking Dead #121 Review


All Out War Part 7 of 12.

Things don’t look so good for Rick’s people anymore.  After last issue’s attack from Negan’s people, Rick is forced to abandon the Alexandria Safe-Zone.  It’s a bittersweet feeling, because Rick and his group has been calling this place home for the longest time, even though the place is always far from being perfect.

Another thing we learn from this issue is the danger of making ammunition.  Negan just found Eugene and his little ammunition factory, and he’s sure to take over the factory as his own now.  Negan might appear to be a reasonable guy and all, but after what happened to Holly, I don’t believe him so much anymore.  It’s only a matter of time that Eugene either bites the dust, or he gives in to making ammo for Negan.

And man, that scene with Negan’s future-telling balls is just gross.

Anyway, this is a straightforward issue that deals with the things to come for Rick and his people.  Things are not looking good for Rick’s people, but by moving away from Alexandria, things might just get a little better for our survivors.



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