The Walking Dead “Inmates” Review


Time to move on.

Last week we dealt with Rick, Carl and Michonne, and this week is about the rest of the survivors.  A chapter closes behind our survivors, and there’s nothing to do but moving on.

First of are Daryl and Beth.  It’s strange watching Daryl being all emo, and Beth is the one that’s holding the ground.  Also, I usually don’t have problems with Beth, unlike other fans, but the opening with Beth talking to her diary can be quite cheesy.  I’m not a big fan of it, and I hope it will never happen again.

Also, if Daryl doesn’t walk out of his emoness soon, he’s soon going to loose his spot as fan favorite character.

Let’s move on to Tyreese group.  While it’s sad that both Molly and Luke are dead, it’s great to see Carol making a return.  I always know it’s only a matter of time that Carol is going to return, even though she returns in a very suspicious way.  So what, has she been spying the prison this entire time?  Or she heard the loud noises and decides to show up?  Anyway, I’m a big fan of Carol, and I’m glad to see her return, especially having her joining Tyreese’s group.  Tyreese still doesn’t know that Carol killed Karen, so things are sure going to be real tense real soon.

Also, it’s great that the show plays us a little trick by slowly revealing Tyreese holding the baby Judith.  Alive.  Like I say before, I’m all against a baby dying, but I can’t help but feel the show it’s taking a safe way out.  It’s will be a big controversy having a baby dead on the show.  Then again, this episode also almost make the boldest move in the entire television history by having Lizzie killing Judith.  On screen too.


One big, happy family

Man, Lizzie sure is a real big problem.  She’s slowly becoming a psychopath, and even Tyreese is starting to see it as well.  Killing small animals and such is one thing, but she’s actually planning on killing Judith?  Someone need to stop this girl fast.  I even believe that Carol shows up in time because she’s been following Lizzie this whole time, because she knows how screwed up Lizzie really is.  I also don’t think Carol killed Karen, and it’s actually Lizzie.  Again, this is only something that only time can tell us.

By the way, with the way the show is going, it’s only a matter of time that Lizzie and Mika become the Billy and Ben from the comic series.  Even though form the deepest of my heart, I hope it doesn’t happen though…

It’s really sad to see Maggie in an emotional distress.  The love story between Glenn and Maggie has always been a stable to the series, and it’s sad to see them apart, even though it does make up a great story.  It’s great news that Glenn wasn’t in the “bus of death” in the first place, but it’s also a shock to reveal that he was left behind at the prison.  It’s sad and all, but at least he gets to take his time and packs up the meaningful things around the prison before he goes.  Also, it’s good that he runs into Tara.  I’m always a fan of her, and it’s great to see her being part of of the group now.

Finally, Abraham and his group crossover to the TV series in this episode.  We don’t get to see much of them yet, but I’m always a big fan of Abraham’s so I’m really looking forward to see the more of him next week.

Overall, “Inmates” is a great episode that actually sets the tone for the remaining season.  Really looking forward to see what’s going to happen next, and what the new characters are going to bring us.



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