Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review


It’s so beautiful!  

The gamepaly is done on PlayStation 4.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is the next-gen update of last year’s hit.  I love the original game, and super excited about the next-gen update.  The game was already perfect, and yet, the Definitive Edition manages to bring the game up a notch to a level we never expected.

The new Definitive Edition is available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  The idea is so the console version can match up to PC’s high resolution quality and fancy hair effects.  However, the Xbox One cannot manage the 60 fps, but it’s not a matter for me since the gameplay is done of PS4.  Other than the enhanced graphic, the Definitive Edition is exactly the same game as the original one without changes in the gameplay.  It’s worth it just to see my beloved Lara the way it’s meant to be.  Check out the graphic comparison below:


It takes some time to get  used to the faster frame rate though, but you will adapt to the smoother gameplay quickly.

Tomb Raider was already a wonderful cinematic action game without the enhanced graphic, but it definitely makes exploring more fun.  I still remember I wasn’t a big fan of exploring during the original game, and now I can’t help myself but to explore the areas, cause the environment is so beautiful.  I often caught myself stray away from the main mission just so I can explore some optional tombs.

The Definitive Edition comes with all the DLC previously released for the game.  However, the game doesn’t have many good DLC for single player, but a new tomb for you to explore.  Other than that, the DLC are all some kind of weapon attachment or items for multiplayer mode.  Sadly, the multiplayer mode is still horrible and nothing redeemable about it.

The newest addition to the Definitive Edition gameplay is the voice and gesture control for  Xbox One and PS4.  You can simple give a  command such as “shotgun” and Lara will quickly equipped the weapon on her.  When discovering new relics, you can also move around your hand and the relics on screen will actually move around like you’re holding it.  While it’s a cool new feature, it’s still easier to move around the relics with your controller.

Also, if play on PS4, the speaker on the controller will have sound effects, too.  Sounds of Lara climbing with her axe, or her running around will all come from the controller.  At the same time, conversations over the radio or Lara reading the relics information will come out of the controller as well.  It’s a great little thing the updated version added to the game that brings the game closer to the player, and I love it.


The story doesn’t change from the original game, and that’s great.  This is Lara Croft’s journey and how she becomes the harden warrior we known and loved.  The story pulls you in, and you fall in love with the character right away.  You want to root and care for her, and you can feel her pains as she grew stronger and stronger.  The game does such a wonderful job, there’s no way you won’t fall in love with Lara as you play the game.

The weapons choices are great in the game still.  All the way from her trusty axe to bow and arrow, Lara Croft really puts Batman to shame with her array of weapons.  I remember I really like Lara and her weapons in the original game, and things stay the same here in the Definitive Edition.  Weapons are important in this kind of action game, and Lara has all the right ones.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is a wonderful graphic update from last year’s original game.  Even though not a lot is added to the new game, but the enhanced graphics is always a welcome.  The game is still a wonderfully written one with great characters and compelling story.  The combat system is still top notch with great replay values.

Can’t wait for the sequel already.



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