Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Fungus Humungous” Review


Everyone has fears, and everyone has to face them.

This week’s episode introduced us to a new threat- Fungus Humungous.  A strange fungus mutation with an army of mushrooms that spread fear-causing spores.  Yeah, it’s not an eventful episode like last week, but it brings back the classic turtles fun.

The main focus of the episode is Leo.  While everyone in the group is affected by the spores, Leo is the only one that manages to overcome them.  However, Leo’s fear of being a good leader is something the show has touched upon many times before, so it doesn’t feel like something special anymore.  However, it does feel like Leo finally deals with his fear once and for all, so hopefully this will be the last time we have to deal with his insecurity.

It’s fun to see Casey Jones joins the turtles in this episode, and it’s really funny to see Donny being jealous of him.  Of course, the real fun in this episode is to see what the characters’ fears are.  Some are obvious, and some are new to us.  Casey’s fear for rats, Raph’s fear for roaches and Donny’s fear for April hating him are all something we’re familiar with.  The show does such a wonderful job developing the characters, the viewers already know these things.

The surprise one is April’s fear for bats, but it makes sense as well due to her father’s recent transition into a bat mutant.  However, Mikey’s fear for Squirrelnoids can be a little far-fetched.  Of course, it’s disgusting having squirrels coming out of your mouths, but I really though Mikey’s fear will be something funnier, something to do with pizza.  But heck, it does create some funny moments when paring Raph and Mikey’s fear together.

While “Fungus Humungous” doesn’t really advance the story at all, it is a fun “monster of the week” story anyway.  This is why I love this version of TMNT so much, even the filler episodes are good.



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