10 Things I Noticed From DC May 2014 Solicitations

Things I noticed from May 2014 solicitations.

1. Futures’ End:

Futures-End-Cv1 (1)

We talked about this before, and the Futures’ End begins now.  A lot of things are going to happen, and even Batman Beyond is going to time travel to this time period.  The coolest thing is:

2. Wildstorm Making a Return:


The idea of New 52 in the first place is so DC can combine Wildstorm Universe into the DC Universe.  However, after a few months of failed attempts, DC cancelled most of the Wildstorm titles.  Now Grifter is announced to be in Futures’ End, things are sure going to be different again.

 3. Superman: Doomed:


A Doomsday one-shot is happening in May, and it leads into a crossover event with all the Superman titles.  The event is said to be different than the Death of Superman, but it’s sure going to shake up the new DC Universe.

Man, how I hope Scott Lobdell didn’t write this.

4. Wally West:


It seems like there are going to be more of Wally West in this month’s issue.  Also, it’s confirmed that he’s still going to be Iris’ nephew again.  It’s said that this version of Wally is going to be really different than the one we known before, but things might not be that different after all.

5. Green Lantern Crossover.  Again:


So there’s a new Green Lantern crossover event again called “Uprising”.  Ever since the start of New 52, things have been difficult for individual Green Lantern titles readers, such as me.  It’s great and all that Green Lantern titles are keeping themselves close, but it would be nice for readers to be able to read the individual titles without feeling missing out.

6. Batman’s Search for Damian’s Body Continues:


Batman continues to search for Damian’s missing body, and now he’s teaming up with Frankenstein?  It’s not the first time Frankenstein makes an appearance in this series, but it’s the first time he’s actually going to work with Batman.  Okay, at least willingly.

Anyway, the solicitation mentions a lot about Ra’s Al Ghul.  Does this mean that Damian is going return as Robin again?  Only time can tell.

7. New Power Ring:


I know we talked about this before, but I just can’t help it because it’s too awesome.  A character first mentioned back in Green Lantern #20 is finally going to make an appearance this May.  I wonder what qualifies her as a Power Ring?

8. Lois Lane is Everywhere:


You guys noticed that Lois Lane seems to appear in a lot of comics in May?  In Futures’ End #2, Superman #31, Batman/Superman #11 and in Earth 2 #23 as Red Tornado.  And this month, we’re even getting a Lois Lane One-Shot.  Seems like things are looking up for Lois Lane.

9. Aquaman vs. Swamp Thing?


The King of Atlantis vs. The Avatar of Green.  What’s going on here, New 52 Universe?  First we got Batman and Frankenstein teaming up, now Aquaman is going to fight Swamp Thing.  The magic presence in DC Universe is stronger than ever, and it’s really exciting to see the fight.

10. Someone is Going to Die:


The solicitations for Futures’ End #1 reads “a Justice League member DIES!”  Also, for #3 it reads “Did Firestorm kill a member of the Justice League?”  What’s happening in the world of DC Universe, and who do you think is going to die?

Let us know in the comments below.


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