Justice League #28 Review


The Metal Men are here!

Forever Evil has been a wonderful event so far.  It gives us an universe-wise threat that actually affects the world, and it also serves as a nice method to re-introduce old DC elements into the New 52.  First we have the origin of Plastic Man, and then we have a short appearance of Doom Patrol.  Now Metal Men are in the mix as well, it’s great to see the New 52 universe expanding.

It’s great to see the Metal Men making a full debut, and I’m in the with the characters right away.  They’re interesting, full of characteristics, and great additions to the world.  There’s only a few panels with the Metal Men, but we quickly understand their personalities, abilities and group dynamic.  Knowing we’re going to see the more of them excites me, and I can’t wait to see that happen.

Doc Magnus has some wonderful story here as well.  He’s motive is clear, and you can really understand why he’s at where he is right now.  It’s an emotional moment for Magnus to loose the Metal Men again, and he doesn’t watch o experience that again.  But knowing the Metal Men is humanity’s last hope, he has to bring them back again.

My only problem with the issue is that it takes place entirely in flashback, and it’s hardly a tie-in to the Forever Evil event as well.  It can easily be a back-up like what Geoff Johns did with Shazam before, and we can still enjoy the story.  Also, this issue doesn’t quite fit with Platinum’s last appearance in Justice League #18, even though both issues were written by Johns himself.  It’s possible that the Platinum we’ve seen previously is a failed attempt by Magnus, and the one we see in this issue is the final, perfect version.  Then again, it’s not the first time New 52 screwed up continuities.

Overall, this is a great issue, and the Metal Men are definitely welcome additions.  Even though it doesn’t line-up with Platinum’s previous appearance, it’s still great regardless.



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