Red Sonja #7 Review


A new arc!

This issue begins the second arc of Gail Simone’s run on Red Sonja.  Since the series bizarrely takes an absent last month, this is the issue everyone’s been waiting for.  And right away, we know this is going to be a great adventure with Sonja’s internal voices.  For new readers, it’s a great arc to jump in as there’s no ties to the previous story.  For old readers, we want to know why she’s there.  What a great way to start an issue.

It’s great watching Sonja kicking asses, and it’s also funny watching her dealing with the enemies.  How she can kill her enemies with just a piece a stick shows how awesome she is.  The story is simple: A dying king wants Sonja to go collect certain people for his last final party, and in exchange, he will free all the slaves.  It’s straight to the point, and the goals are simple now.  The reason Sonja is in the swamp is because the best chef in the world lives among these swamp people.  This is what makes a comic book: simple story, with great characters and element.

The ending is fun and irony.  The chef been secretly releasing the captives, and feeding the cannibals some baby reptiles.  It’s great to see the adult reptiles return for revenge, but they decide not to eat Sonja and the chef.  It’s a very satisfying moment.

Overall, #7 is a great issue that starts a brand new arc.  Readers who has been wanting to read the series should go ahead and jump in here.



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