Uncanny X-Men #17 Review


You’re not ready.

This is the first issue in Uncanny X-Men that completely focus on the young new comers.  Magik transfers the students to a hostile environment and tries to give them field hand experience.  It’s strange not to have the main characters in the issue, but the result it’s great due to the rich character developments.

While not all the students receive a spotlight, it’s Eva, Febio and Benjamin that’s the main focus of the show.  All these characters are new, but after an year of development, they’re well enough to stand on their own and have their own issue.  I’m especially a fan of Eva, and what to know more about her power.  Also, just what exactly happened to her that she doesn’t want to talk about?

The biggest disappointment of the issue is the Stepford Sisters.  They’ve been in the series for a while now, and they’re still on the same ground as these new comers?  Come on, Stepford Sister, you gonna have to shape up to be better telekinesis.

Anyway, despite the lack of main characters, this is a good series that focus on the newcomers.  Maybe one day these character will be important enough to have their own series, and we will be glad to know them first from this series.



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