One Piece Chapter 738 Review



Trébol Army Special Officer Sugar.

Things are finally heating up over at the Executive Tower.  After noticing Trebol killing a fly with his ability, Robin stops Leo from hurting himself.  The new plan is for Robin to distract Trebol, so Leo and others can sneak into the tower and feed Sugar the spicy grape.  The plan doesn’t go so well, as you can imagine.

This is also the first time we get to see Sugar uses her power in action, and she’s pretty cool.  She manages to stop the Dwarfs from attacking her, and by turning them into toys, she can have them fighting against their formal allies.

Meanwhile, it’s strange seeing Usopp going back to his formal self and hides from Sugar.  Isn’t he supposed to be braver now?  Also, I can easily see the whole thing with Sugar ends with Usopp shooting the spicy grape into Sugar’s mouth.  He’s the sharpshooter of the crew, after all.  I call it here, and I want credit when it happens.

This is also the first time we see the SMILE factory, too.  Nothing much is revealed but apparently only the Dwarfs can grow the fake Devil Fruits right.  Also, the Dwarfs at the factory believe that their princess is sick, and only SMILE can cure her.  They sure are some gullible people, huh?

It’s a great action week, and things are better than last chapter already.



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