The Last of Us: Left Behind Review


How things come to be.

Left Behind is the story DLC for last year’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us.  We here at The Good Kind of Geek loves the game, and even think it’s the best game of 2013.  You can imagine our excitement when the DLC was announced, and it holds up to our anticipation.

The DLC serves as the prologue to the main game, and it deals with Ellie and her best friend Riley, a character we first met in the American Dreams comics.  The story cuts between two timelines- one right after Joel lost consciousness, and one before the main game, where Riley returns to Ellie after a few months of absent.  The DLC is great as it gives us a deeper look at Ellie’s relationship with Riley, and it allows us to understand who she is better before she met Joel.  Ultimately, it also answers how Ellie managed to bring Joel to safety.

The game does a great job balancing the two stories, and have both of them take place in a mall.  Two malls, two different times, and two different experiences.  It’s great having Riley and Ellie exploring the mall and experiencing the culture they only heard off.  They journey through the Halloween store, throwing bricks at cars, playing video game, taking pictures and trying to figure out what a Facebook is.  These are all something kids from our days are used to, but nothing these two have a clue what they are.  This is especially outstanding with the mo-cap of actress Ashley Johnson and Yaani King.  You can really feel for the characters, and you want the the best for them.  Even though the unavoidable is still going to happen.

It’s great to play as Ellie, and it’s something I really like from the original game.  It’s always a challenge to play as her, because she lacks the one-on-one combat Joel does.  It’s always best to keep an distant from the enemies.  Quit honestly, it’s been a while since I last played The Last of Us, and I already forgot how the gameplay works already.  However, it picks up quickly, and I enjoy sneaking around and stabbing those motherfuckers from behind.  The only problem is the Stalkers that run around where you cannot sneak up, but to actually face them.  Ellie can be overrun by them easily, and I learn the best thing to do is actually fire a loud shot to lure them to you, and shoot them before it’s too late.


Also, I learn to throw a brick and the certain location, gather all the infected at one place, and burn them all alive.  Can’t remember if it was that easy back in the day or not.  Anyway, the DLC also spiced things up by having players to deal with both human threats and infected at the same time.  The main game separates the two groups of enemies, so it’s a real treat for this game to do that.  I really like to keep myself quiet and listens to the humans being defeated as the infected takes them down one by one.  It’s also a surprise when I’m quietly listening for the Infected, a human tries to sneak up on me and attack me from behind.  This really shakes up the gameplay, and brings something new to the Last of Us gameplay.

The game gives us a great surprise when Ellie kisses Riley.  Well, not really a surprise because you can feel the tension between the two from miles away, thanks to the great acting from both actresses.  It’s a sweet moment where I actually cheered when it happened.

The DLC is priced $14.99, and that can be a little steep.  However, what you got out of it is a great gaming experience that enriches the story of The Last of Us.  I highly suggest all fans to check the game out, and also, read the American Dreams comics for better knowledge of the story.


*Check out our review of The Last of Us.  We have updated the review with a higher score and reason for it. 


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