The Walking Dead “Claimed” Review


These new characters need to shape up.

The new characters, Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinoa and Eugene Porter are kind of disappointing.  The characters are from the comic series, and they’re all pretty cool from it.  However, the TV series make them boring.  They appear, we don’t know anything about them but they’re going to Washington D.C. for Eugene to find a cure.  Abraham seems like a one-noted muscle head, and Rosita is only there to show her legs.  The only character that’s mildly interesting is Eugene and his suspicious looks.  However, even he can appear too much of an asshole and it’s hard for us to care for him.

The revelation of how Eugene holds the key to solve the epidemic should be weightier than it did.  It’s an interesting concept to have someone able to solve the problems, and the show should focus on that more.  I understand Glenn’s need to find Maggie, but this would be interesting to see his internal struggles between the two choices.  Also, it’s weak to have Tara saying “Rosita loves you” to Abraham.  It is something the show should show us, instead of just simply talk about it.

Eugene surely don’t look like a scientist, huh?  I like the casting right away.  What kind of scientist has a mullet anyway?

The strange, and best moment of the episode is to have Michonne opening up.  She’s actually willing to talk about her past, and completely has her emotional guard down for once.  It’s great to see Michonne like this, but I feel her change of personality can be a little too quick and without too much of a justification.  It’s especially awkward when she tries too hard with Carl with the cheese thingy.  I understand what Michonne went through in “After,” but it’s just a little stretch to have her completely changed like this.

Regardless of Michonne’s sudden change of personality, the moments between Carl and Michonne are great.  The two of them are truly like friends, and talk about things and really bonding.  However, the moment is cut short and bring back to reality, when the two found an entire family dead in a room.  Carl obviously doesn’t know that Judith is still alive, and he’s still in pain with her lost.  Hopefully they can meet up with Tyreese’s group soon.

There aren’t much action in the episode, and things are slowly down once again.  The Walking Dead is a drama series after all, but fans are used to dangers around every corner, and actions become a necessity.  Every season Walking Dead always suffers problems with pacing, and here we’re again.  The only urgency is when those murders/rapists enter Rick’s house, and Abraham’s group shooting those walkers at the side of the road.  I especially love it when Rick attempts to sneak out the house, and no one notices him until the last moment.  Besides, what was that guy doing on the toilet without his pants down, or the seat cover up?  Anyway, the moments with Rick hiding under the bed, and an enemies spotted him as he’s choked to death is a great horror movie moment.  This reminds me of “Prey” from last season, and both have as some great horror movie tropes.

Overall, “Claimed” is a weaker episode compare to the previous weeks.  There are some tense moments, especially the ones with Rick and the house.  It feels like the show misses some great opportunities with Abraham’s group, and it’s quite a shame.  Hopefully the moments are stronger for those who haven’t read the comic before though, so let us know what you think it the comments below.



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