Quick Game Review: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


Oh god, shoot it in the head.  Shoot it!

Quick Game Review (QGR) is a new segment where we take advantage of our newly acquired GameFly account, and play some older games we know are either going to be bad, or not good enough for us to actually spend money on.  The review will be quick, short and straight to the point.  Who knows, we might actually find gold through this method.

Original release date: March 19th, 2013.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct sucks.  I don’t understand how a game that’s the prequel of the hit TV series can be such a horrible video game.  I already know how bad this is when the developers refused to send out review copies last March, but I didn’t know it’s actually this bad.

The story takes place before the TV series, and we play as Daryl as he set off the journey to find his brother in the post-apocalypse world.  Through out the journey, you will make stops at different locations, and encounter different survivors.  One cool thing is you can choose which route to take for your destination.  Different routes will have different chance of car breaking down, and or different chance of finding rations.  However, the game might tell you that, but in reality it’s just a lie.  It doesn’t matter what route you take, you will always end up the same destination.  Plus, the people you encountered along the road don’t matter at all.  Sometime your vehicle can only fit certain amount of people, and you will have to leave some survivors behind.  But it doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s not an emotional struggle as you don’t even care about those survivors at all.  The game should really take more time develop the characters.

The gameplay is stale too.  The game strongly suggest you to sneak up to the walkers, but that’s not something you can do at all.  The game has poor design, and the walkers can spot you easily.  The game gives you different weapons, but they all work the same as each others.  It’s not like the axe is stronger than the blade or something.  Plus, the walkers pile up easily, and it’s difficult for you to kill your way out of them.

The only redeemable value of the game is the voice acting from actor Normal Reedus and Michael Rooks.  However, even these superstars cannot save this game from downright horrible.  I really don’t like the game, and I can’t even bother to finish it.  Plus, what’s up with a game released in 2013 with graphic like it’s from 1999?


Next up: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse.


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