Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Metalhead Rewired” Review


It’s a mutant party, and everyone is invited.

It’s been a long time since we last seen Metalhead, so it’s really exciting to see the little robot guy making a return.  He has received some upgrades since the previous time, and he is now completely independent.  You can understand Leo’s worries, especially the last time Metalhead is around he caused some troubles.

Metalhead is essentially the hero of the episode.  The turtles want to find out what happened to Spider Bytez, and follow the Krrangs to an empty warehouse.  However, they cannot find Kraangs’ secret, and it’s up to Metalhead to find it.  Of course, the episode meant for us to believe that Metalhead might betray us again, but it turns out he’s actually trying to help this time.  Way to go, Metalhead!

The episode also marks the return of almost all the mutants previously seen in the series.  It turns out Spider Bytez, Snakeweed, Slash, Dr. Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, a Squirrelanoid, a Parasitica Waspeven, and even April’s dad are all captured by Kraang’s interdenominational prison.  It’s really exciting to see all these characters making a return, and kind of answer the question why we haven’t seen them for a while.  Out of all the cool cameos, the coolest has to be when Slash gives a respect nod to Raph.  Man, when is he going to mutate into Tokka?

Anyway, the ending it’s a sad and touching one to have Metalhead sacrificed himself for  the turtles.  It’s great to see Metalhead’s head makes it to the other site somehow, so it’s not the last we will see of Metalhead just yet.  But man, with the way he only has a head left, it will be a long time for us to see him again.

By this time, I think we can kind of guess where the show is going.  The mutants are not going to be too happy with the Krrangs, and they are going to unite to fight them.  The turtles can even negotiate somehow in exchange for a cure.  As long as Donny found one, of course.

Overall, “Metalhead Rewired” is a great episode that sets the future of TMNT series.  Not to mention great moments and great cameos.



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