The Superior Spider-Man #28 Review


Goblin Nation #2.

The finale of Superior Spider-Man is going strong.  Everything that can go wrong with Doc Ock’s life is going wrong now.  His hideout is trashed, his army is killed and even Peter Parker’s closed ones are in dangers too.  The Green Goblin knows everything, too.  He knows Doc Ock is inside Spider-Man’s body, and he also knows Peter Parker is the one under the mask too.  The finale is coming, and you can really feel it.

There are couple things that really stand out in this issue.  Peter accessing Doc Ock’s memory and stuck in there might be a failure, but it’s an interesting note that both of them have similar background, and the only difference is that Peter has parental figures that love him, and Ock doesn’t.  This is some important information that Peter can use to help his fight against Doc Ock later.

Another cool thing in this issue is Mary Jane.  I’m not a big fan of her lately, so it’s really cool to see her doing something cool here.  It’s also great that she grabs Aunt May with her, otherwise those Goblins goons can be really nasty.

The issue also ends in a suspenseful note, so I’m really looking forward to see how it will turn out.



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