Tomb Raider #1 Review


The road to the game sequel begins here!

Tomb Raider #1 serves the purpose to bridge between the first game and the upcoming game sequel announced by Square Enix already.  I really love the game, and the series is written by the one and only Gail Simone, so you can under my excitement for the series.

The story continues where the game left off, and things are not doing well for the survivors of Endurance are not doing well at all.  Lara and Sam both have nightmares every night, and Jonah is no longer the sweet giant he was from the game.  It turns out he might even have taken something from the island?  It wasn’t very clear and Jonah already bites the dust.  It’s sad to have a character died already, but it’s a powerful move and allows the readers to understand the threat the series is facing.

However, the first issue of Tomb Raider can be kind of weak compares to the game.  I know it’s not fair to do the comparison, but the comic comes directly out of the game, so I have no choice.  The art is great too, and it’s not too far from the video game.

Overall, the issue gives us a strong promise to the new series.  Can’t wait to see where the series is going to take us, and when the new game will be out.



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