Quick Game Review: Family Guy: Back to The Multiverse


Old jokes recycle, over and over.

Quick Game Review (QGR) is a new segment where we take advantage of our newly acquired GameFly account, and play some older games we know are either going to be bad, or not good enough for us to actually spend money on.  The review will be quick, short and straight to the point.  Who knows, we might actually find gold through this method.

Original Release Date: November 20th, 2012.

This is not a good game, but not that bad either.  The story has Bertram returns from a different universe, and his attempts to build an army from different universes, and kill off Stewie once and for all.  When playing this game, players are expected to see all kinds of interesting universes.  However, all we got are a Fraternity Universe, Cripple Universe and Pirate Universe.  None of them are mildly interesting at all.  You go through generic plots without much of an impact, and it’s always the same thing at the end.  The show has some cool multiverse such as the entire Griffin Family are Japanese or something, so why can’t we have that instead?

Mentioning things from the show, every single joke from the game is taken directly from the show.  Nothing original, and everything is recycled.  This is my biggest problem with the game, and I was really hoping for some laughs.  We already know this kind of licensed property games are usually not good, but it doesn’t mean the jokes have to be recycled.  The story is not impressive, and the jokes are recycled.  How much worst can it get?

At least the gameplay is kind of fun.  Kiiiiinnnnnnddddd of.  You get to choose to play as either Stewie or Brian, and they each come with different tiers of weapons.  It can get kind of repetitive from time to time, but my biggest problem is the shooting.  Like all shooting games, this game allows you to hide behind objects.  However, unlike most shooting games, you’re not allow to do the quick shoot and hide motion.  It can quite annoying, as the game requires you be out in the open from attacking enemies if you want to fight back.

One cool thing though, the game didn’t waste the opportunity to let you play as Peter to fight the giant chicken.  When I saw the chicken in the game, I was telling myself “they better not missed the opportunity,” and they didn’t.  Thank you Family Guy: Back to The Multiverse, now I know exactly how it feels to fight through those ridiculously long fights.

The only thing that makes the game decent at all is the multiplayer mode.  You get to choose from array of Family Guy characters, and they all come with different weapons to fight either for a certain goal, or for sudden death.  If your dream is to watch Family Guy characters killing each others, than maybe you should give this game a try.

Hopefully South Park: The Stick of Truth doesn’t turn out to be something like this.  These licensed games…



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