The Walking Dead “Still” Review


Opens up.

This really is an unique episode.  The Walking Dead has always been a show that’s willing to try new things, and this is not the first time we have only a handful of characters appearing in an episode.  “18 Miles Out,” “Clear,” “Indifference” are some of the episode similar to this one, but none of them are anything like this.  “Still” is an episode about honesty and relationship, and it’s also what The Walking Dead does best.  Characters.

There are only two characters in this episode- Daryl and Beth.  Perhaps one of the strangest combination ever, but it serves the purpose.  After the prison massacre, Daryl loses all hope and becomes his formal self again.  Meanwhile, Beth is still full of hope.  She hopes one day she will meet up with her sister and other survivors again.  There’s nothing better than putting two really different characters together to create some great dramas.

Beth has really come a long way since the little girl who cuts her wrist.  She’s strong both physically and emotionally, and she’s really an essential part of the group now.  She’s a spiritual figure not like her father, and it’s really important to characters like Daryl.  She has some great character moment here, and it leads me to worry for the fate.  The show has a tendency to kill off characters that have break through moments, so…

I really thought Daryl’s pre-apocalypse career is going to be something interesting.  Heck, it would even be funny if he is a teach or something, so Beth’s “Mr. Dixon” joke can be funnier.  We also learn a lot of things from Daryl past in this episode as well, and it’s confirmed that he’s just a drifter who got nothing going on with his life.  The end of the world is his way out of his old life, and the people he met along the ride are the reason to become better.  He steps out of his selfishness, and becomes someone we can all depend on.  That’s why upon the destruction of everything he knows, Daryl goes back to his shell and becomes the the old self we hated.  He takes money from the country club that’s not needed at all, and he shoots darts at “the man.”

The strongest scene in the episode is when Daryl and Beth play the drinking game.  It was quite offensive what Beth did, but it leads to the first true moment from Daryl since the destruction of the prison.  He blames himself for what happened and for stopping the search.  Finding the shed that looks like Daryl’s old place doesn’t help either.  It just reminds him what a horrible life he used to have, and it needs to be gone.  It might be a stupid thing to burn down the house like that, but it helps Daryl away from his old life, and able to move on.

It’s also a very cute moment too, when both Beth and Daryl are flipping the burning house off.


Both Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney done a good job performing in the episode.  If it wasn’t for their wonderful performances, the episode wasn’t be as powerful as it turns out to be.  However, 4 episodes already aired, and only 4 left.  It’s great story to have all the characters in separate places, but by the rate we’re going, some groups are going to be serious underplayed.  I would really like to see Tyreese and Carol’s group again, and newcomers Abraham and gang need more time to shine as well.  But heck, if every episodes can be like this one, I wouldn’t mind the separation.



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