Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “of Rats and Men” Review


Rat King returns, and an Ice Cream Kitty?

This episode marks the return of Rat King, and once again he’s trying to control Splinter.  Rat King was never much of a threat in the 1987 cartoon series, but another occupant in the sewer.  It’s seems like such a simple idea that Rat King can have powers over Splinter, and I’m surprise no one ever done it before.  But thanks to this, we got another great episode focusing on Splinter.

The Rat King returns with an army of giant, giant rats, and they’re going to take over the world with it.  However, the giant rats are not enough, and he wants to take his plan to the next step: mutating humans into rats as well, similar to Splinter.  The episodes is great, as it features a full cast of main characters.  All the turtles, Splinter, April, Casey and even Irma is here.  Characters are all over the place, but at the same time, all the stories are told wonderfully.

While not the main focus of the episode, I really like Casey’s reaction with his fear for the rats.  Casey hiding behind the kitchen counter trembles with fear as Splinter is out of controlled “This is not helping my rat thing.”  However, as the episode progresses, he even overcome his fear and is actually kicking those giant rats’ asses.  Good for you, Casey.

A new mutant is introduced in the episode- Ice Cream Kitty.  A product of a happy accident.  However, I can’t help it but wonder what the writers have planned but Mikey’s new pet.  Nothing like that stays long in this show, and it’s only a matter of time Ice Cream Kitty is going to mutate into something else sinister, or sacrificed itself.


The  action sequences is great in the episode, and we got a sense of face against time.  Everyone on their individual vehicles, and we get to see how everyone uses them.  Also, Casey has a really great bicycle that has all the great gadgets on it.

The final showdown is really great as well.  The turtles cannot be seen by humans, so they have April rescuing everyone.  Donny has a great moment rescuing April, and Casey going crazy on the rats.  The funniest moments are from Mikey when he punches the rats “Smell the chee-eese… SMELL THE CHEESE,” and throws the Ice Cream Kitty at the Rat King.

Also, Irma gets more screen time in this episode.  She’s a funny character, and very different from her 1987 counterpart.  It will be great to see the more of her, and it might even be interesting to have her meeting the turtles one day.

The final fight between Splinter and Rat King is great as well.  However, I can’t help it but feel the episode ends abruptly.  So it’s the Rat King really dead here?  I hope not, otherwise it would be a big deal that’s not addressed.  But overall, “of Rats and Men” is one of the stronger TMNT episode, and Ice Cream Kitty is a welcomed addition.



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