Bates Motel “Gone But Not Forgotten” Review


Mysteries surrounding White Pine Bay.

This season premiere opens up with the murder mystery the show’s freshman year left us: who killed Ms. Watson.  The show wants us to believe it was Norman, and I don’t see why not.  The show is essentially Norman’s journey to become the psychopath we known from Psycho, and we’re already seeing signs left and right here.  He already killed his father, and he has the tendency to black out when situation comes.

The thing is, I want to believe Norman didn’t kill Miss Watson.  There are too many problems here, and Norman might just simply black out and ran away from her.  This episode digs deeper into Miss Watson’s life, and it’s not a pretty one.  At first, it seems like she’s involved with someone named Eric, as overheard by Norman when she’s arguing with him over the phone.  Now, this episode revealed that she’s actually Gil’s girlfriend, and Bradley’s father was sleeping with her and that’s why he was burned alive.  With all these information running around, it’s really a mystery what exactly happened to Miss Watson, and who killed her.

Mentioning Bradley, she’s becoming really troubled this season.  After the events of previous season, she attempted to suicide, and ended in the mental institute.  Things don’t get better from there, no sir.  She’s driven by revenge to find out who killed her father, and she’s becoming a danger to herself and those around her.  She went so far as seduces Gil into his house, and shot him in the head.  Great, now we’re not going to find out if he really killed Miss Watson or not, and things just take a complicated turn.

Norman’s obsession with Watson’s death is not helping the situation either.  He visits her grave constantly, and this is a sign of guilt.  However, instead of guilt of murdering her, it might be guilt of seeing she being murdered by others, but doesn’t do a thing about it.  Yep, I really believe Norman is innocent here.

Also, who the heck is that man by Miss Watson’s grave?  Can it be the mysterious Eric?

Norma is a whole different story in this episode.  It’s been four months since season one, and the motel business is booming.  However, the new road bypass is going to drive everyone away from the motel, and Norma is not going to have that.  It’s a stupid move to yell at the city meeting that the town is driven by drug money, but what’s done is done.  It’s only a matter of time she’s going to be targeted again, and dangers will come to her.

I do like the scene where Norma is telling Norman how to drive.  It’s an awkward moment where they fought like married couple, but at the same time it’s kind of funny.

The episode ends with Bradley shows up at Norman’s room suddenly, and asks him to get rid of the body for her.  We all know Norman is going to do it, but I’m looking forward to as of how.

Overall, Bates Motel opens its second season with a decent episode.  Miss Watson’s murder case is still open ended, but there’s where the fun of the show really is.  Bradley’s sudden change can be kind of strange, but I’m up for any great stories there is.  Can’t wait to see what else this season has waiting for us.



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