Batman/Superman Annual #1 Review


Two clans collide!

The Batman/Superman deals with the previously Mongul tries to take over the world with video game story, and makes it better.  Mongul’s son Jochi returns, and tries to revenge his father’s death.  The video game story might be a bit ridiculous, but what we have here is some great story and interactions from Superman and Batman families.

The issue mainly focuses on a tournament where Jochi wants to become the new Warlord.  Quickly, Jochi has became a much more complex character than his tyrant father.  It’s also cool to have both Batman and Superman families interacting with each others.  Red Hood and Supergirl have some great exchanges, and it’s great to have Batgirl and Steel, two geniuses trying to crack the code.

Also, this issue marks the return of artist Jae Lee and his wonderfully unique art.  I really like his art, as it’s part of what makes Batman/Superman such a wonderful series.  My biggest problem is that some part of the issue is done by other artist, and it kind of ruined the sense of consistency.

Overall, this is a good issue that has great story and great character interactions.  Really hope the art style can keep consistent though.



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