Earth 2 #21 Review


There’s no going back for Superman anymore.

The issue begins a new arc.  However, it’s definitely not a jump-in point for new readers.  Earth 2 is a series that goes through a lot of changes since the first issue.  At first it seems like focusing on Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and other classic Golden Age character, but now it’s about Batman and his league of resistance.  While the switch of focus is unfortunate, it still keeps the story interesting.

It’s an interesting lineup the series, and I’m starting to like this characters more than ever now.  The new Batman, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, Red Arrow and more.  These are all the character I want to see developed more, and maybe even in part of Justice Society officially.  Now only if Alan Scott Green Lantern, and Jay Garrick Flash can make a return.

Mentioning those two characters, when are we going to see them again?

Anyway, Superman as a villain might seem like the end of the world, as he’s the strongest being on the whole planet.  There’s only one hope left, as there’s another Kryptonian on the planet.  However, Superman just found out our heroes are hiding this Kryptonian, and things are not looking good now.

Earth 2 is great and all, but there are way more stories to tell and it’s not enough to fit them all in one issue monthly.  DC should really consider making this a bi-monthly issues or something, so we can get more stories out of this interesting world.



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