Forever Evil #6 Review


Holy crying-out-loud!

Finally!  This issue is the one we’ve been waiting for the past 6 months.  The Injustice League and Crime Syndicate are finally facing-off, the identity of the hooded prison is revealed, and Nightwing’s fate is answered.  This is everything we’ve been waiting for, and I only hope it would come earlier than one issue before the last.

Let’s go straight to the point- the identity of the hooded prison is Alexander Luthor like a lot of people expected.  However, there’s a twist here.  He’s not just Alexander Luthor, but he’s also Mazahs, Earth 3’s dark Shazam.  This is such a twist that I didn’t see it coming at all.  Unlike our Shazam, who gained powers from gods, Mazahs gains powers from other supers.  After killing Johnny Quick, Mazahs claims that his power now belongs to him.  All I can say is this revelation is too cool, I still can’t sleep because of it.

The Injustice League does a wonderful job in this issue as well.  We have Black Manta, Captain Cold and many others fighting the Crime Syndicate, and it’s great to root for these villains.  Cold freezes Johnny’s leg and breaks it off, Black Manta killing the Outsider, and Black Adam taking down Ultraman.  These are all some great showdown present in this issue.

Now the big problem is Nightwing’s fate.  He’s hooked up to a machine which requires his death to unlock.  It seems like Lex Luthor killed Nightwing, but according to what he’s saying to Batman, there’s still a hope to revive him.  I just hope Batman is not too stupid to miss the opportunity.  We will find out next month.

Next month is the finally issue, and there’re still a lot of plots to deal with.  Just what exactly is the “being” that’s following the Crime Syndicate to our world?  How’s the Crime Syndicate going to be defeated, How’s Cyborg story going to fit into the overall scheme?  How are the heroes going to be free from Firestorm.  And most importantly, how are we going to deal with the Mazahs situation?  So many questions, only one issue left to deal with.

Overall, Forever Evil #6 is an amazing issue the takes us to the peak of the crossover event.  Can’t wait to read the finale.



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  1. I hate this crossover so much. Catwoman is weaksauce. Superwoman is by far the most physically powerful woman there and she’s in an abusive relationship and hardly ever even shows up or talks- she showed up in this issue, didn’t say anything and didn’t even have an arch enemy with a vendetta because she’s that useless. Batman doesn’t remember that CPR is a thing. Captain Cold was the raddest person in the last issue… I just don’t get it. never mind that Geoff Johns has already done this “Justice League gone bad” storyline where heroes team up with villains before. You know what, I’m gonna be honest here. I don’t like Geoff Johns. I’m glad the next issue is the last one. So, basically we have the direct opposite opinion. haha


    • It really is direct opposite, lol. I actually know a lot of people who doesn’t like Geoff Johns either. I don’t know why, but I really like his style. I guess it’s because his story is always simple and straight to the point without much depth, and sometime I like reading stories like that just for the “shock” and “cool” value. Like the new Mazahs idea, you have to admit that’s pretty cool.

      At least he’s not Scott Lobdell. Man, I really can’t stand that guy,

      I do agree that johns underplayed Superwoman like crazy. The character deserves so much more, and we really don’t see her at all. I’m also not happy she’s the only Crime Syndicate member that haven’t receive an origin story yet.

      And yes, it’s stupid that Batman forgot what CPR is…

      Anyway, this event is coming to an end already, and hopefully the next one will be more to your likings 🙂



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