Magneto #1 Review


A villain’s journey.

Magneto is perhaps one of the most famous villain/anti-hero in the Marvel history.  He has been around for over 50 years already, but never got his own solo series.  He’s definitely a great choice for the solo series, but it doesn’t mean the series it’s going to be a good one.

The issue picks up directly after the event of Uncanny X-Men #16, where Magneto turns away from both X-Men and Brotherhood, and decides to be on his own.  The first issue is very standard, and we have Magneto going around trying to defend Mutants’ rights.  The first arc features a man who’s part machine, and designs to kill mutants when encountering them.  It’s great story and all, and it has the readers hooked.  However, there’s something seem to be missing here.

The story strongly focus on Magneto’s thoughts, but none of them really serves as a motivation.  Magneto tells us what his fear, his reason at this particular place is, but none of them really let us known why he’s own his own in the greater picture.  Overall, this is a pretty solid series, but I’m just not a very big fan of it.  It’s worth to check it out if you want.  Who knows, maybe you will like it.



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