One Piece Chapter 740 Review


It’s Up to You!!!

I think I mentioned before that the abilities are getting too generic, and they’re not so distinguish or memorable anymore.  We have another ability like that in this chapter.  The new character Gladius ate the Pamu Pamu no Mi, or Rapture Rapture Fruit.  Just exactly what’s the difference between this ability and Mr. 5’s Bomu Bomu no Mi is unknown.  I really miss the time when the abilities are unique and memorable.

Luffy finally makes an appearance this chapter, and it’s good to see him again.  He doesn’t do much here, but on his way to Doflamingo.  Meanwhile, Kin’emon has disguised himself as Doflamingo and tries to fool others as he searches for Kanjuro.  Yeah, don’t understand how he thinks it’s a good idea, but it works regardless.  Man, when is this arc going to end?

The biggest thing comes out of this chapter is that Robin has been turned into a toy, and forgotten by others.  Meanwhile, Usopp is running away from troubles again.  While it creates funny and dramatic situations to have Usopp running away from his enemies, but I just don’t believe this is something Usopp will do anymore.  He’s the “Brave Warrior of the Sea,” remember?  Why would the Brave Warrior of the Sea run away from troubles?  It almost seem like Oda forgot he already improved Usopp’s character, and mistakes are made.



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