The Walking Dead “A House Divided” Review


The episode we’ve been waiting for.

Quite honestly, the previous episode “All That Remains” doesn’t really live up to the Telltale’s The Walking Dead standard.  The choices aren’t quite as heavy as the previous season, and they’re hardly any consequences.  “A House Divided” is the episode that showed us Telltale still got it, and the choices are as heavy as ever.

Right away I’m glad I saved Pete in the previous episode.  It gives us an opportunity to spend more time with the guy, and he gets to be a hero as well.  Otherwise, the character is just pure walker food by the end of previous episode.  Also, if you saved Nick instead in the previous episode, you will end up spending time with the guy in a tiny shed where he has a character breakthrough.  However, he will once again go back to his depressed self later in the episode, and it just doesn’t make sense.  Besides, Nick’s character breakthrough will come once again in a later time in the episode anyway.  A much more appropriate time.

And guess what?  Kenny is back!  Yay!  Like half of everyone that’s been playing the game guessed that already.  Despite the fact that Kenny was kind of a dick before (and still is), it’s always great to see a familiar face.  Especially the people Clementine is with currently are really shady.  Luke is always ordering her around, and Alvin is super sneaky too.  Besides, just what they’re so afraid of anyway?  Why are they running away from Carver?

It's good to see you too.

It’s good to see you too.

Other than Carver’s obsession with the group and Rebecca’s baby, just what exactly is the reason these people left in the first place?  Yes, he’s one of those tough and cold leader we’ve seen before in The Governor and Negan.  However, he’s not entirely unreasonable and didn’t kill unless he has to.  Walter for the guy that was shot.  So just what did he do that make these people want to run away?  I really don’t want to think less of these people, but so far they have been bunch of people who complains a lot.  Maybe they’re just a bunch of self righteous people who didn’t get enough food?  We will have to wait and find out.

And yes, the survivors from 400 Days are members of Carver’s group.  I called that from my previous review too.  Anyway, good to see you turned into such cold-hearted person, Bonnie .

There are a lot of hard choices in the episode, and a lot of lives can be saved.  Both Nick and Alvin’s fates are depending on your decisions, and it makes the individual gameplays more unique than the other.

Despite the regular Telltale game glitches, A House Divided is perhaps one of the strongest episode ever.  Great character moments, suspenseful moments and heavy choices.  We waited 3 months for this episode, hopefully the next one won’t be that long.



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