The Walking Dead “Alone” Review


Things take a turn for the worse.

The second half of Season 4 has been… interesting.  The characters are separated from each others, so we have to focus on each groups one at the time.  While it gives us chances to focus on more character developments, it also sacrifice other characters’ screen time in return.

Last week it’s an unique episode that only focus on Daryl and Beth, so it’s bizarre that we got another episode feature the two of them again.  While it’s great their story is intertwined with Maggie’s group, it would really be a lot better if we get to see other groups instead.  It’s only a matter of time when these groups will meet each other, and it seems like Terminus is where they are all going.  It’s a great and tense to have these people separated in the fist place, but it’s hard to believe they don’t have a rondevu point set up in case of an emergency.  I guess they’re really too comfortable with the prison after all.

The show is really playing on fate and chances these days.  Are we really supposed to believe all the survivors will eventually end up by the tracks?  Or Maggie’s bizarre decision to lie down at a random point waiting for Sasha and Bob- she’s not even lying down next to the tracks for crying out loud!  Also, the same group of people that ransacked Rick’s hideout just happens to run into Daryl?  Last but not least, Glenn actually manages to see Maggie’s messages?  Yeah, there’s too much coincident here.

It’s strange that Bob has so much faith all of the sudden.  He was always kind of a depressed guy, so his change of heart is kind of out of the blue.  However, I like this Bob better anyway.  Faith is a choice, and he choose to believe it.  Unlike Sasha, he would rather go for where hope is.  He will rather take a chance and steal a kiss (smooth move, by the way).  Bob is becoming a man of hope, the next spiritual guy in the group.  And guess what, it pays off in the end.  The group is back together, and they’re off to search the sanctuary.

However, there’s a moment when Sasha found Maggie, I really thought Bob’s getting screwed over.  Walking away after he kissed Sasha, all cool like the ending of Breakfast Club or something.

Let’s talk about Daryl and Beth.  It’s really sweet to see the two spending so much time together.  Emily Kinney has been doing such a wonderful job with her performance, I’m beginning to like her more and more now.  The two are really ready to settle down together, but everything is short lived.  Nothing good ever comes to people in Walking Dead, and nothing ever last forever.  Daryl got too comfortable with the situation, and opens the door to a horde of walkers.  Daryl puts up a great fight with the walkers, but in the midst of confusion, Beth is taken by someone.  It’s unknown who these people are, and what’s going to happen to Beth, but I don’t have much hope.  This might be the last time we get to see Beth in one piece.

Mentioning great fight, the fog battle done by Maggie’s group is really awesome.  After this raining walkers from this season’s premiere, it’s great that the show keeps on finding new ways to make walker threats relevant.

Who exactly are the group of people Daryl run into by the end of the episode is a mystery, and it’s also unknown what Daryl is going to do with these people.  One thing for sure, they’re definitely not good people, and it seems like Daryl is going to go rogue now.

Overall, “Alone” is an episode that takes away from the actions, and focuses on the characters once again.  Even though there are some great action sequences in the episode, the overall episode can be a little too slow.  I’m really intrigued what’s Daryl is going to do next, and what happened to Beth.  Not much hope, but still finger crossed for the best.



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