South Park: The Stick of Truth Review


There’s a new kid in town!

South Park: The Stick of Truth is nothing like you expected.  When you hear a licensed game like this that’s based on a TV series, you expect the game is going to be bad.  In reality, South Park: The Stick of Truth might just be the best licensed game there ever is.  Video game players will enjoy the sophisticated gameplay designs, and fans of the show will feel like it’s a 14-hour long episode, and laugh their asses off the entire way.

The game begins as the player, the new kid, moves to the small town of South Park.  Right off the moving truck, the new kid is invited by Butter to play the fantasy game with the local kids in town.  The same game we’ve been familiar with in some of the episodes of South Park, including the recent Black Friday trilogy episodes.  It begins as a simple game of role playing fantasy, then it quickly spiral out of control with the involvements of aliens, the government and even Taco Bells.  Not to mention, the new kid holds a secret to his past as well.

The game is a simple turn based RPG game.  And like all the RPG game, player can use melee attacks, magic attacks and others.  However, since this is little kids play games with their imagination, there aren’t really fantasy elements here.  Instead, we have farts as magic attack, chips and candies as potions and such.  Attacks not only give your opponents damages, but it also gives them effects too.  They can be gross out when you fart on them, and they can be bleeding when hit with blunt objects.  Also, you can combine your farts with objects to create a different, more powerful attack.  Try it out, the combination is fun.

One thing this game is not good at is explaining.  The game doesn’t do a good job explaining what some effects do to you, or even what causes those effects.  Also, you get to choose a class to play as in the beginning like all those RPG games.  Fighter, Thief, Mage and Jew.  While there are all these choices, it doesn’t make much differences if the actual gamepaly.  Fighter can still use magic, and Thief can also wear armor designed for Jew.  So yeah, it doesn’t make a difference what class you chose, and that’s kind of disappointing.


The game does such a wonderful job recreate the small town of South Park, I can’t help it but explore every single houses as I play along.  There are some many Easter Eggs hiding in the town, it will take hours to truly appreciate them all.  It’s really a treat for all hardcore South Park fans out there.  I especially like to explore each kids’ houses, and see what they are hiding in their closets.  There are so many references there, and it would be really amazing if you can recognize all of them.  Well, all the closets but Stan’s, because someone is hiding there 😉

Kyle's closet.  How many references can you spot?

Kyle’s closet. How many references can you spot?

Not only is the town full of Easter Eggs here and there, the entire town is a wonderful Easter Egg itself.  For the first time ever, the show creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone actually give us the detailed map out of the entire town.  We’re actually getting the geographical relations of where things are to each others, and it’s going to be fun watching the episodes now with the concept in our minds.

It’s really like watching a long episode playing this game.  The game keeps the same art style and graphic as the show itself, so you don’t feel the abrupt transition during cut scenes.  There are so many times I forgot I’m playing a game, and expect the characters to move on their own.  The art style is not the only reason the game feels like an episode, but it’s also due to the wonderful jokes and sense of humor the show is famous for.  I especially enjoy all the parodies about Skyrim, and it makes me appreciate the depth of the game even more.

Mentioning graphic, the Canada part of the game is 8-bit, and that just brilliant, and with the classic “Blame Canada” song playing at the background.  The game features a lot of other songs from the show’s too, such as “Taco-Flavored Kisses,” and “Kyle’s Mom is a Bitch.”  Pay attention, it’s really fun.

My biggest problem with the game is the lacked of places to explore once the game is done.  After defeating the final boss, the game basically comes to an end with it.  There aren’t many enemies left for you to fight with either, but some animals in the wild only.  Sure, there are still some collectibles for you to gather, but they’re not that hard to complete and you tend to finish them quickly.  Believe me, the game has a lot of activities going around, but for gamers like me who finish games quickly, it can be quite empty afterwards.

But heck, good luck collecting those Chinpokomon.  Some of them you only got one chance, so be careful.


So basically what I’m saying is I want more in this game.  More characters should give you side missions, and they should have more prominent roles as well.  Towelie only appears in the loading screen, and Christmas Critters only have a small cameo.  Also, wouldn’t it be great if we have some side story with all the kids’ superhero identities?  There are Mysterion, The Coon and even Professor Chaos.  Maybe an idea for the squeal game?  Wouldn’t that be great.

Overall, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a great game that makes you feel like you’re watching a long South Park episode.  The gameplay is great, and I haven’t have such a great experience with turn based RPG game in the longest time.  The story is funny, shocking and even compelling from time to time.  The game is definitely the best licensed game out there.  I only hope there are even more show references around, even though they’re a lot already.

Maybe I’m just being hard to please.



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