Bates Motel “Shadow of a Doubt” Review


It’s time to move on.

Bates Motel has always been a show full of mysteries.  Human trafficking, drug business, murder cases… etc.  While it’s great the show keeps the audiences on seat with all the stuff that’s going on in the small town, it’s even better when all those mysteries are starting to have answers.

This episode closes the chapter on Bradley’s life.  She was a good character at first, but then quickly become the typical “beautiful blonde character that tricks the main character to love her” type of character.  There’s nothing much out of this type of character, and her sole story becomes her revenge for her father.  Now she killed Gil and uses Norman for one last time, it’s time for her to go.  I will miss her, but it’s probably for the best she’s as far away from this town as possible.

I’m pretty sure the real reason she has to go it’s because of “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

“Shadow of a Doubt” mainly focused on Norma and Norman’s crumbling relationship.  Norma tries to get Norman to be a part of the community theater musical production, but it’s not going too well.  Norma found Miss Watson’s pearl necklace hidden in Norman’s room, and it has her scared.  However, unlike other normal parents, instead of calling the police or something, Norma thinks the best thing to do is singing with her son.

Don’t know what happened with the her plan though.  At the end, Norma ends up singing by herself, and it’s completely pointless to have Norman involved in the first place.  By the way, Vera Farmiga does a wonderful job performing in this episode.  The audition for the musical is hands down her best, and she always brings a great depth in the rest of the episode too.  You can really feel her fear and vulnerability in the episode, and there’s definitely a sense of sadness in the character.

Now that Bradley killed Gil, it brings a war to the once regulated drug business.  Gil’s people believe the murder is done by the enemies, and they’ve already done the unthinkable and retaliated.  The worst thing?  Dylan knows the truth and there’s nothing he can do.  He knows Bradley is the one that really killed Gil, and by telling the truth he’s going to put everyone is risk.  Bradley is away now, but Norman who hid her before might be in danger, and not to mention Dylan himself.  Gil’s people are acting irrational, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do.


The ending is shocking.  Norma’s brother is in town looking for her, and it’s sure to bring more storms to the already chaos life of Norma Bates.  Meanwhile, it’s still unknown if Norman really killed Miss Watson or not.  The police found someone else’s DNA on Watson, and it’s a high possibility that’s going to be Norman’s.



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