Avengers Undercover #1 Review


More sequel than undercover.

Avengers Arena was a pretty good series.  It puts a group of teenage superheroes together and have them killing each other, a lot like Hunger Games or Battle Royale.  The creative team doesn’t shy from the similarities, and actually embrace it.  I really enjoy the series, and look for the sequel ever since it was announced.  The events in Avengers Arena left the surviving teenagers traumatized, and it’s a great place to pick up the sequel.

The first issue quickly deals with what the surviving teen heroes have been up to since Murder World.  While most are what we have expected, it’s important that Chase and Bloodstone have really opposite outcomes.  Chase is embracing the fame from Murder World, and he’s making himself a celebrity.  Meanwhile, he accuses Nico for never coming back from the tragic event.  She’s damaged, and forever changed by what happened.  However, no one has it as bad as Bloodstone.

Bloodstone makes it his personal agenda to find Arcade and kill him.  He searches high and low for the villain, and finally comes across Bagalia, the city of evils.  The thing is, he didn’t manage to find Arcade, but ended up being controlled and used by other villains instead.  This is when we have the first clear sign of where the series is heading- the remaining teenagers are going to infiltrate Bagalia, hoping to rescue Bloodstone.

As a new series, it might be a little thrown off for new readers.  Other than the few explanations in the first few pages, the series will be hard for new readers to pick up.  However, since the first season was so good, I actually suggest readers to pick that up anyway.

Overall, the first issue shows promising and I really enjoy it.  It just funny that there aren’t enough undercover in the issue, but I’m sure to see that starting next month.



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